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Day 213

Dear Chris,

Tonight I'm watching over Brooke-mum's friend's daughter-while they go out together. Brooke is an easy kid, she's polite and funny, loves to socialize and is quite fascinated with the stuff I do.

Even her mum, when they arrived back from wherever they go, looked at my hand-made, crocheted slipper-socks and asked where I got them. She was super impressed when I told her I made them in an hour. She asked if she could have a pair.

Cue my mother laughing out loud and asking if she's serious. Yes, let's laugh at me learning a new and incredibly handy new skill from scratch. I can knit, make pottery, crochet, paint, embroider, teach languages, teach yoga, do archery, write anything from blogs to stories, illustrate, program software, create websites, and cook/bake. I have an okay-amount of skills for a 22-year old.

Why can't she stop laughing at me and appreciate me? She appreciates my brother when his daily schedule for the last 2 years has been getting up at noon, not showering ever, eating something frozen because he can't heat food and play Fortnite into the wee hours of the morning.

Why am I still not enough? Why am I still the burden to her?

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