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Day 219

Dear Chris,

Tonight I spent the better part of it giving a little girl I babysit on a mid-weekly basis, dance lessons.

While this young-un only knew how to floss (Oh my lord) I taught her how to do the twist and the charleston. I wonder how her mom felt walking in the door with my mother from their nightly routine and seeing Brooke and I dancing to Sweet Little Sixteen-Chuck Berry and Old Time Rock and Roll-Bob Segar.

Pfft. I'm teaching this kid some culture in a world riddled with technology in the worst way, and people who think being 'on fleek' is the same as successful in some weird, twisted way.

Tonight, we were deep in the heart of Texas, way out in St. Louis and New Orleans, we were dancing like we were sweet little sixteens.

I love children. I wonder if I'll ever be brave enough to actually have my own. I have felt strangely broody lately being around Brooke. It reminds me how I would raise a little girl of my own. To read and dance and go after her dreams, stand up to bullies and make friends. Grow her hair and dress how she likes. Have respect.

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