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Day 223

Dear Chris,

I'm sad.

I've been happy and level-headed lately. Progressing. Trying.

But today I am sad after learning I can no longer see you on Instagram. It's this new update - it's the reason I saw you've either deleted yourself from Instagram, or simply blocked me - who knows?

I wish you hadn't, either way. It was the final tie I had to you. It was the final way I could see you. I don't have Whatsapp any more, or Snapchat, or Facebook - just Instagram. I don't have anything else, that was my last connection to you.

I suppose it shouldn't matter; it wasn't like we spoke or anything. Still... It's sad. It means I've got no other connection to you now. I don't know why I feel so melancholy about it.

I wonder if you took one last look at my poetry section, I wonder if you saw a certain picture of a Monk. I wonder if you read the text. I wonder if you knew where it was from. I wonder if that's why you deleted your Instagram. I wonder if you know I'm on here, scribbling away these thoughts.

I can't do anything about this situation. I just hope this feeling goes away.

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