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Day 226

Dear Chris,

Dreams are doing funny things to my head.

I keep dreaming of words and rhymes for this song I keep thinking of. It's not any song I've ever heard before but it's nice, even when I've written it! I have tried making chords but the song is of you. I know that. My dreams didn't tell me it... It's something I felt.

You know in a dream when nothing actually gives hints to something inside the dream but you FEEL it? Like just in your heart? Somewhere in your chest cavity? That's where I felt it. Right deep in there somewhere. The song is about you and it came out of nowhere.

I can't stop my hands from shaking any time I try and strum something on my little ukulele. I'm like, "COME ON DANGIT I NEED THIS". But nope. My hands won't cooperate.

I need you to teach me. I remember when I got pissy after you played my ukulele. I was such a bitch! I'm literally laughing as I write this because I just have no idea now why I was even mad. I was just being moody. I'm sorry anyhow. I'm sorry for all the dumb shit I did back then.

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