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Day 225

Dear Chris,

Oh man oh man oh man here it is.

MORE WOOL. I have an addiction and I know I'm addicted but of all the things I could be addicted to, wool is probably the least harmless, right?

Crocheting makes me feel like I'm good at something, and I'm making something AND I'm learning AND I found out from Claire that I can get a degree in it. HOW COOL IS THAT??

I can get a degree in something I really like doing! Not that I didn't like creative writing, I just didn't like the journalism about depressing stuff and fear factor, the law and the politics. I just wanted to write for kids, man. I'm doing comics these days.

I've called it 'My Girlfriend's Dog'. It's got myself, Sonny and Chip in it, it's about all the things Chippy does to annoy the family. Some of it's obviously fiction for hyperbolic effect but it's funny nonetheless. I wish I could cartoonize better though. I wish it was about you and all the smelly breath Chip would breathe in the morning and how once I chased after Chip when he stole one of your socks out from my pillowcase, the little bugger.

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