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Day 224

Dear Chris,

I danced so much tonight that I collapsed in front of Chip on the carpet in the lounge in this crazy heap and told him all my fears I have about space and time.

I wish I could tell you all my secrets. The real, raw Melissa. I feel like I know her better than ever now. I'm still expanding like an effervescent universe, full of wonder and woe I suppose, but I wish I could expand with you. Can you imagine what an incredible cosmos we could create? Even if it's just in our minds.

I'll tell you some secrets right now in fact, #### it!

I'm still scared of sleeping alone in the dark
The blurry man visited me last in my caravan and I was AWAKE. Hence why I'm still scared
I have fallen in love with dancing around in my lounge most nights to old school rock and roll
I am terrible at handstands now and I hate my wrists for it
I am terrified of moving to Spain on my own
I still have Eddy. God loving I'll keep that bear forever.
I miss Thandi so much and her emptiness makes me cry late at night before I sleep sometimes.
I will NEVER forget you.

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