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Day 230

Dear Chris,

I'm really diving into sense poetry lately. I love describing tactile sensations but it's difficult to find inspiration. Here's a poetic version of a doodle I did this afternoon.

Touch my waist
Engage my lips
Lock my legs
Grab my hips

Hold me taut
Aim your tongue
Taste my flesh
Leave me stunned

Nibble me tender
Soften your touch
Make me quiver
Make me blush

Whisper slow
Caress me fast
Here I come
Ah... At last!

I've been looking deep into narcissism, how to define it, how I've experienced it, how I've dealt with it and how to overcome it - deprogramming yourself from someone's narcissistic video game so to speak. It's kind of incredible how you can pick out someone's narcissistic tendencies, I even have two that I do - one of which I'm not a fan of and stop it whenever I catch myself doing it.

I'm thinking I'm going to blog about this a lot. I've written 2 chapters just today because I've had next to no work to do!

This ought to be an interesting new linguistic adventure.

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