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Day 234

Dear Grandad,

I wonder what you thought of my dad back in the day. Really.

I know you had your reservations, and rightly so - he was an asshole of grand measure. You and nana saw how he and mum favouritsed my brother and how it was affecting me. No wonder you two spoilt me rotten with attention and love. You were the best father figure a girl could ask for. You called me your princess and gave me squeezed hugs whenever I asked for them or needed them.

I wish you could know my dad now, though. We spent an hour and a half on the phone tonight just shooting the shit. It's crazy how much he's changed for the better since going to Spain and building the life he really wanted.

I know it's change and not an act because people can only keep up an act for so long before the real personality seeps through the cracks of the painted canvas they show to everyone else.

Dad has changed. He's a real dad now. I'm so glad I have him helping me in this transition to Spain. We are looking for a flat for me when I go over there on the 25th.

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