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Day 240

Dear Grandad,

I had a dream last night of a poem, or lyrics, I'm not sure. It wasn't as clear as the If I Died This Summer poem that I dreamt of years ago, but it's still interesting to know I can still have dreams of poetry and remember most of it quite clearly.
Here it is:

Until dawn
clasp my hand and
lead me to the waves.
Assist me in my undress
match me in attire
on this radiant scene.
My skin cold from
night winds,
hair encompassing my face,
brush it away from my green eyes,
Join me in the surf
wipe spritz and spray from my breasts
from birth spots only you have seen.
Face me in the moonlight
take my hips in your grasp
dance with me.
Move as the moon sways the tides
as the breeze moves grand palm trees,
kiss me as the starlight tickles and
glows on the surface of the seas.
Fleeting as this may be
iridescent as it seems
never forget this moonshine
moment of ours.

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