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Day 1

Dear Penelope, do you remember 7th Feb 2013?

I kept the train ticket from that day. The day I told you that the underground train doesn't stop, that you must just on while it still moves. I remember the look on your face. You believed me. You trusted me to jump on with you. We were going to take the jump together... and in many ways, we did.

I'm not going to lie, I don't remember one thing about the play we saw other than the title. I was too busy concentrating on you. Having you next to me. I've still got the red tie that I wore that night. Do you remember when I pretended it was a long rolled up tongue and spat it out of my mouth? It made you laugh all them years ago, I wonder if the memory of it now will make you smile.

I've taken on the pseudonym Odysseus Of Ithica (I know Ithica is spelt wrong, they wouldn't let me have Ithaca). I thought it was quite apt... and quite clever on my behalf. I was certainly very proud of myself.

I guess I will tell you about my Odyssey through here if you're interested.

Here goes...

Sing to me of the man, muse...

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