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Day 10

Dear Penelope, Finding a place to call home.

The other night, Norway had found us all a house to move into this coming September. A nice 4 bedroom town house just outside the main town centre. A shop just at the bottom of the road, busses every 5 minutes, and cheap enough for us to be able to afford. I cant think of an excuse not to move now. It seems ideal for us. We have found Falmer Abbey.

So now I really need to pick up some extra hours at work. Little Italian has been offered a modelling opportunity in London (best of luck to him). Tall Italian is still on the hunt for love, balancing work and uni (best of luck to him). And Norway, well Norway is pretty much set. She doesn't need any luck!

I hope that this all goes according to plan. I'm a bit scared, but I am also so excited. It will be like on HIMYM or Friends. Me and my friends. My friends and myself.

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