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Day 4

Dear Penelope, Ode to my friends. Chin - Chin!

Over the last few months I have made three of the best friends that I have ever had. Norway, Little Italy and Tall Italy.

Norway can always be relied on for good advice and a good night out. Paired with her lovable rogue, Dorking, they can be the make any cynic believe in love again.

Little Italy is Queen. When he isn't slaying a dance floor, he can be found behind a leaning tower of books getting ahead of his work. Funnily enough, all the girls melt when he speaks Italian, they must know that they are not his type!

Then we have Tall Italy. You know when a girl says she wants a charming Italian, this is him. Despite talking to a new girl every week, he's actually a massive sweet-heart. With a keen eye for good coffee and Italian dining, once he's met the right girl,she will be envied.

Between us, we are Falmer Abbey. A classy family of friends with dreams of a manor on a hill. We have already sent out many invites to our Gatsby-esque get togethers. Black ties and chariots and whatnot.

I hope you are smiling and keeping yourself warm. Stay safe.


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