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Day 3

Dear Penelope, things are starting to heat up!

I had Nandos today with my friends. I tried a spicy sauce called Vusa which I know to be Zulu!

Now with the very misleading title out of the way...

How are you today? I hope you are keeping warm with all this snow hanging over us. Is little Chippy ok? I've still got a video or two of him on my phone. One where he's chasing something in his dream, and the other is a slow motion video of him running towards me. They both make me smile.

I saw an article today about a fox who becomes best friends with a dog and I melted a bit. I put a photo from the article on here.

I know you are struggling at the moment. I've always had strong beliefs that a thick blanket, cup of tea, some biscuits, and a good book can be a solution for most problems. Tonight I fully intend to sit by the fire and read for a good few hours. Do you remember the weekend we stayed in bed and just read all day?

I really do hope that you are smiling, and are happy.

Give me a hint if you are reading these.

Until Tomorrow.


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