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Day 5

Dear Penelope, Where is my tale set?

So I guess I had better give you a setting for my great Odyssey. Picture this:

I am sat in my room reading. I am tired from being at work and all I want to do is be on my own for a bit when I hear a knock on my door. Nanna pokes her head around the corner with a letter in hand. My immediate response is one of dread, "Another hospital letter?" i ask.
"I don't think so..." she deduces while eyeing the envelope. Little did she know she was holding my future in her hands.

The next day I was sat at my Dad's, moments away from telling them all that I had been accepted into University.

"That's excellent news Chris! I'm really proud of you!"

Well, it only took 23 years but my Dad finally said it. No Backsies.

As the news flooded between the cracks in the family, I received more texts of congratulations. But one person I really wanted to tell wasn't there.


I wanted you to know that I was a step closer to my dream.

Skip forward a few months and I'm here. One semester in. Smiling with what the future can bring.

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