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Day 69


I went to see a medium today, so comforting to see Mum & Dad together again on the other side it filled me with joy. My Mum happy on the other side but still beside me everywhere I go, I feel her with me.
Driving home I cried.
Sad, getting old, losing loved ones .
Then I was thinking about youth and how we look for love in our younger years looks and body is our main focus . In the older years it is wisdom, knowledge and personality...
So many things change with Age, we mellow, we have more patience, we are tolerant and we listen more to people, we anylise and we are really grateful for everything around us.
Walking through the Park in the sunshine brings me great joy, listening to the birds singing really does lift my heart
Morning Sadness
Afternoon happiness
A really productive day
And to finish... My cat is holding on to her kittens I cannot wait till Monday when I will be blessed (hopefully) with a beautiful litter .......

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