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Day 172


Had a deep discussion with my best friend. I had no idea what field I should look into and was in need of guidance, and she's my soulmate in a non-romantic sense. Ever since we learned how to walk, we've walked side-by-side.

"You're a storyteller. Things that are supposed to be boring turn into some wild adventure when you talk about it, and you do it without drowning people in adjectives. You could talk about mud, and people would start appreciating mud. I don't think you'd like sales, but I think you'd love marketing."

Well, I looked into digital marketing and fell in love. Designing websites, creating blog posts, creating ads for social media, enhancing brand awareness... Oh yes, I could like this. Is it a competitive field? Heck yes. Will I have to learn HTML and a few other skills? Definitely.

Am I motivated enough to do it? I think so, but we shall see.

But am I excited? Oh dear lord, I am.

However, I am self-aware enough to know this could just be the "honeymoon phase" with the idea. So I'm sitting on it, playing with it, analyzing every angle I can, but not asking it to marry me just yet.

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  • RavDiablo RavDiablo
    4 weeks ago

    One word: Data Science. It's all the rage and you can get certified in with a year or two - involves a lot of the things you mentioned in your post.

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  • George Smith George Smith
    4 weeks ago

    ,,, or journalism?

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  • Otter Otter
    4 weeks ago

    I will have a look into both of these. Thank!

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