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Day 38


My partner was diagnosed with Alzheimer's two years ago. Right now I'm sitting in the car a few streets from home and I don't want to go home but I need to.

I'm emotionally drained. Constantly repeating myself, arguing about money, trying to explain things twenty times over to someone who is now refusing to accept there is anything wrong and refusing to take medication.

I had the patience of a saint once. Now I have a short fuse, constant migraines and am slowly losing the will for anything or anyone.

Thoughts for today seeing as I have written in god knows how long.

Hope you are all well or as well as can be xx

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  • RavDiablo RavDiablo
    4 months ago

    Oh man, you have to do this all on your own? I can't imagine trying to do this all alone without a break from it....

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  • doingitonmyown doingitonmyown
    4 months ago

    Pretty much, the refusal of acceptance is the biggest hurdle. It means trying to get any sort of help in would be seen as a plot against him.

    It reminds of my mother in the throes of her schizophrenia when she was at her worst. Everyone is out to get them.

    During the day is relatively normal but night time and the hours upon waking are probably the worst.

    Sometimes I just have to leave the house just to get breathing space to calm down. I think it also gives him a sense of how far he is pushing me if I walk out as all of a sudden im not there so it settles down a little.

    Trouble is I can't just walk out for the night as I have my son to consider. He's 18 but not equipped to deal with this on his own.

    And so we plod along taking each day as it comes...

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