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Day 812

Deprivation of Liberty

The doctor said she had looked at Ma's Xrays and she had spoken to a specialist. He said she should not walk for 12 weeks. Only transition " moving from one chair to another, or to bed or to the loo. She did say how well Ma looked. I asked what would become of Ma's muscles if she did nothing with her legs for 12 weeks. That was a problem that would have to be sorted out later. I said I was sorry as Ma was keen to walk again and had been doing well.

Auria is the deputy head of the home and Antonia the head nurse. They asked to see me alone. We sat down and Auria said, ‘I feel that you have been hiding things from us from the start. Her dementia, for example. And now it appears that you mother needs to have total rest. I will get a Deprivation of Liberty Safeguard (DOLS) for her. A pressure pad will be put under her cushion. An alarm will sound if she gets up unassisted.' She was very stern, almost angry. Antonia nodded seriously next to her. ‘We are concerned for her welfare. Her dementia is a problem.'

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