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Day 280

Designing my perfect place

I was saying how I've travelled the world in search of my perfect place, not to have found it yet...Then K asked me what would the perfect place have for me. What did I really want from a city?
I'll try to put everything I want here to see if this helps me to clear my ideas. I think I am in England out of habit and because it's secure for me to have a comfortable life, so to speak.
My ideal place is sunny and warm but not too hot. It is big enough to keep anonymity and not too big so distances are ok and I can meet people easily. People are friendly and it's easy to make friends. I can afford my own place and I can work as a teacher and earn a decent living. I'm not bothered about the language as I speak the main ones, it'd be nice if I could use English for work as it's comfortable.
It's a place where life is cheap and I can do a fair amount of activities social and personal regularly. Yoga, cinema, restaurants, drinks, etc.
A place where life is slow enough and people enjoy the little pleasures.

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  • Anonymous Anonymous
    26 months ago

    Wish you well finding your dream x

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