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Day 291

Dig dig dig

Sent home from work today as it was deathly quiet. No point standing around doing eff all with no guests in the shop. I was quite happy to offer myself up as sacrifice to go home early end go enjoy the sunshine.

Ate my lunch in the garden with my kindle and enjoyed the warmth. Then borrowed some jeans and boots from my mam and got on helping her with the gardening; digging up the soil and getting the stones and bricks and slate that was in the soil.
Hard work, but it made me feel good. It even made me feel good emotionally. Knowing with every stone we took out, the plants we were putting in would grow better.
Got home afterwards and finally had some amazing sex with the fiancee. I've had a bit of a block lately. Hopefully I managed to dig out my block.
Feeling the most relaxed I have in a while. Need to definitely try to keep this up.

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