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Day 186

Dr Google

Like most of us, I have googled my symptoms and usually end up diagnosing myself with something horrific like Cancer.

Of course I am normally totally wrong and have nothing so serious.

But I have went and done it again. I have had a pain in my leg for about 2 months now, its not going away and getting worse. It on the top of my leg and feels like bone pain. It feels like I have banged my leg on something, but I haven't and there is no bruise.

So now I am convinced I have bone cancer lol.

Now I know cancer is no laughing matter, I am laughing at myself as I see how stupid I am as I type this. Anyway I have a docs appt on Thursday to have it checked over and see what it causing the pain, it could be diabetic neuropathy, the way I cross my legs when I sit (which I am trying to stop to see if it eases the pain)

My mind is racing with thoughts, I am not worried just my mind goes at 100 mph with lots of different thoughts.

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  • White Dog White Dog
    34 months ago

    Diabetic neuropathy usually starts in the feet!!!

    It could just be the weather, damp in the bones a precursor to arthritis - there, that's cheered you up :-)

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  • Escape from my head Escape from my head
    34 months ago

    You've probably given me more time than the Dr will, I'll be fobbed off.

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  • Tammie Tammie
    34 months ago

    I hope it goes well with the Dr. Let us know how you get on Escape. Xx

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