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Day 347

Early to Bed, Early to Rise

I got up before 5 'o' clock in the morning, got ready for the flight and hid some treats around the gerbils' cage.

In the car with Luke's parents, I felt so grateful that they lifted us to the airport. They're so sweet to us. I asked Bob if he could play the 'honky tonk' song he played a few weeks ago in the car that said something in the chorus, something like 'gerchur!'

He played it. It was great. We all yelled out 'gerchur' :D

At customs, I didn't get pulled over for all the crochet hooks in my shoulder bag... I got pulled over for having hand sanitizer.


Anyway, Luke and I are in Spain now and it's so sunny and warm and beautiful. It looks like Joy and Geoff are in England right now, so dad and Lindsey and Luke and I are going to look after their house.

Their massive mansion of a house.

We've been reunited with Winston, and Joy and Geoff's dog, Jack. Lots of fun to be had here in this massive house, sunny country and beautiful people.

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