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Day 449

Eating good in New Orleans with The Son: Crawfish!

The Son is 20 years old, so he's a bit "in between" here in New Orleans: a few months shy of hanging at a bar, but old enough to do something fun. We started out by Ubering over to Rock n' Bowl for bowling and music, but bowling was sold out and the music didn't start for another hour and a half. What to do?

We walk down to the streetcar and I mention that I could really do with a nice bowl of spicy crawfish. The Son says he's not into seafood, but he'll have something else.

We go into a joint, and I order 2 pounds of Cajun crawfish, high heat, as well as a Louisiana Mule, a very nice concoction of rum & bourbon.

The platter comes and I give The Son a tutorial on how to severe the head from the tail, and suck out the tender meat, which is just a morsel, and very, very tasty. He pulls one apart, fumbles a bit and manages to eat his first bite.

"Wow, this is good...." he says. And he digs in: within ten minutes, we've polished off 2 pounds, and get a third.

He's hooked!

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  • Otter Otter
    7 months ago

    My father is Cajun, and I still remember the first time he taught me how to eat crawfish as a little girl! It sounds like you both shared a beautiful moment. I'm sure your son will be a pro at it in no time! I visit Louisiana a couple of times a year, and there is no place that makes me feel more at home than the swamps.

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