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Day 612


... and just to say that it breaks my heart that I cannot do more for Ma. If I was retired I would be so happy to see her and look after her regularly. Thank you for being there for Ma and giving her a quality of life, towards the end of her life, that most people don’t have and cannot have. Xxx
Thank you for saying that. That means a lot to me. Then we are on the same page. I'll keep doing my best for her. It's a challenge every day: to be a better person full of patience, kindness and love....I trip up quite a lot. Ma is a Stoic. I see what a difference proper care makes to her. She's much stronger than she wants to be... The challenge is to get her to recognise and enjoy that strength. She's listening to audio books now which is great and she enjoys.
I'll think about getting carers in while I'm away.
Love, x
Thank you George. I know you always do your best, and that the challenges are many. I think you are amazing. Your self sacrifice for Ma is very special.
[... but I'm not]

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