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Day 8

Emergency Room

At noon on Friday BF 's uncle called to warn that BF was on the couch moaning. I called the Urgent Care and explained his symptoms to see if it was something they could treat - in a panicked tone they told me he needed to go to an ER. When they sounded concerned just from the description of symptoms, I flew into action. I called BF's mother (who lives close to our home) and calmly asked her to bring BF to the ER immediately. She agreed.

Then, I was finally able to get my boss to set me free early for the day and rushed to the hospital.

They did blood tests, a urinalysis, and a CT Scan.

They found nothing.

They asked for a stool sample, but Boyfriend's diarrhea had suddenly become constipation (the reason he was in agony), and they refused to give him a stool-softener.

In the end they told us there was nothing they could do without a sample, that it was probably just intestinal inflammation (for 3 weeks?!), and then sent us home with a hefty bill that will make the start of the new year painful.

I've started him on baby laxatives, cranberry juice, and applesauce. Hope it works!

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