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Day 98


Feeling empty, but this is better than feeling in pain all the time.

I feel so disconnected from everything and everyone.

I've been wanting to write about my trip somewhere on my blog, but I cant bring myself to. It's almost like I cant accept that something good happened to me, that I had fun.

Sometimes, I feel like life is surreal because of where I am now. My bff told me not to rush things. That I can improve my quality of life step by step. But I... I am just so frustrated.

I am still stuck in my head and I cant get out.

I feel like nothing I do will amount to anything, serving no purpose.

A close friend told me I would be doing something about my situation if no one was here to help me and I am out on the streets. Maybe he is right.

Survival. Idk.

Life seems meaningless.

And I just need to find meaning somewhere.

Everything seems bleak.

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  • Bettedavis Bettedavis
    9 months ago

    Why do you think life seems meaningless, how old are you, work, family? There is always someone out there for everyone.....Do you need to talk, therapy ?

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