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Day 644

End of the holiday

Last day of the holiday which made it a good one. And the fact that there was dense cloud up the mountain so there was no need to rush out of bed. We slept in and were the last down for breakfast.

We went husky mushing. It's a photo shoot opportunity with huskies and expensive. These doggies pull us along on sledges up a short track and back again and then they do the same thing again. It lasts 30 minutes and cost 78 euros. Hmmmmm….. Still, it made Sunny happy which was the point.

We did one run and then went home. The weather was bad.

It’s the end of the holiday and I guess it’s always sad when a holiday ends, but Sunny and I are not compatible as holiday companions which is a sad discovery. He’s a good guy, I know, but very lazy and rude. Yesterday, he helped a man who had a bad crash on the slopes. The guy broke his arm in two places and Sunny hailed down people to call the blood wagon. He stayed with him until the blood wagon took him away.

Every single call I had with Beloved was bad.

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