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Day 122

End of Year Review - Results

I had my end-of-year review this morning, and it went pretty well. I was complimented on my many achievements this year, and really the only advice I'd been given to improve for 2020 is to find a way to manage my anxiety and focus a bit more on my own health. Thankfully it hasn't affected my work very much - it was more out of concern for my mental well-being.

My raise wasn't as much as I'd hoped, but it was still greatly appreciated. My Bonus put a much bigger smile on my face. It should be enough for a nice vacation, but I'll probably put most of it in savings for a rainy day like I did last year. It's what I /should/ do, anyway.

When discussing how I see my role evolving, I explained that I'm aware we will not be bringing on any new hires this year, so I can't expect to move up in position just yet, but I would like to take on more responsibilities that would teach me the skills needed to be the best candidate when a position (most likely Personal Assistant to our Partner) becomes available.

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