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Day 21

Enough is Enough!!

Last night we discovered that Uncle has been stealing Honeybun's books and selling them to buy alcohol. When confronted, Uncle responded that Honeybun wasn't reading them. Excuse me??

Tonight we are having an intervention. Honeybun, Bear (Honeybun's brother), Raven (Bear's wife), Honeybun's mom (Uncle's sister) and I will all be sitting him down tonight to hit him with reality.

He is eating our food, selling our things, not caring for his puppy, and now not paying all of his part of the bills. He regularly shows up at Bear and Raven's apartment drunk with a flask in hand and "borrows" money for vodka. He begs his sister for food to feed his dog. He complains about Honeybun and I to them all - Saying that we treat him like a child. How dare we?

He wants to stop being treated like a 40-something-year-old child? Time to grow up and be a damn adult then. He needs to pay his bills, buy AND cook his own food, either take care of his dog or get it a new home, save money for a bed since he owns no furniture, and stop stealing to buy his alcohol, cigarettes, weed, comicbooks, and videogames.

We're done.

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  • SpreadZero SpreadZero
    8 months ago

    Ouch. He needs to get his own place and leave. I agree with you completely. Sorry. xo

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