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Day 41


I figured it out. It’s all of a sudden so clear to me. I suddenly understand why his newfound relationship with god bothers me so much. I thought it was because it was uncharacteristic of him and makes him feel like a stranger. I thought it was because I can’t relate to faith so it’s hard to listen and be understanding and supportive. I thought it was because it was evidence that he, and therefore we, are different. I thought it was because it was an aspect of his life that will never include me. I thougt it was because it’s probably coming from his mother who is the main cause of his broken soul.

But it’s much simpler than that.

I figured out why his newfound devotion to a deity forced on his people by self righteous, brainwashed, superiority-complex-sporting, culture-killing missionaries is such a stick in my craw.

God took him away from me.

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  • SpreadZero SpreadZero
    9 months ago

    All of a sudden out of nowhere he's overwhelmed with a connection to his God? Hmm. Maybe something happened in the past or he's confronting issues related to being 'a good person' (according to religion). Has he been through AA meetings before? Is his family religious?

    OR, is it possible that he's in the closet gay? Maybe this is something as simple as infidelity?

    At any rate, he is feeling guilty for something. Find out what.

    Much love & best wishes to you both xo

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  • miranda_b miranda_b
    9 months ago

    He thinks god saved his life after a car crash and now thinks he has a calling. It started pretty mellow.... he survived for a reason but he needed to figure out what... live a better life... be a better man... six months later and apparently it’s to write church music instead of what he used to write.

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  • SpreadZero SpreadZero
    9 months ago

    OH. Well, let him do his thing whatever makes him happy. This is his way of coping with the trauma of a car crash. Sounds perfectly innocent to me.

    But, if religion isn't your thing, you may be unhappy with all this. At any rate, give him 6 months without any negative feedback. He's healing.

    Much love to you xo

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