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Day 24

Eternal youth

Looking through Facebook at photos of people I went to school with. It's been over 20 years since I saw them all as I moved away. It amazes me though how at nearly 40 many of us either look exactly the same or very nearly the same or completely different to how we did at school. Some people I wouldn't recognise and yet to me the vast majority look the same. Funnily enough though the ones who haven't changed much are mostly woman whereas the guys tend to look a lot different.
Quite intriguing....

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  • KissAnotherFrog KissAnotherFrog
    49 months ago

    It's always nice looking back at school photos. Reminds you of your roots and where your journey in life truly began x

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  • doingitonmyown doingitonmyown
    49 months ago

    Very true. It's good to look back and see the person you started as and see how you change over the years x

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