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Day 543

Everybody likes to complain about insurance companies....

.... and I would too, but occasionally, they do okay. Or, maybe it's because I'm seeing a "real" doctor about my urology issues, rather than the previous huckster who was trying to soak my insurance company for every single nickel he could find.....

I made two calls today: first was to get a "renal nuclear scan," which sounds dangerous, but actually involves injecting a die into my veins and taking some x-rays. I had one done about 25 years ago. I did get to crack a joke when scheduling the appointment:

Me: "So, is there anything I have to do to prepare for this?"
Operator: "No, you can eat and drink whatever you want..."
Me: "Can I play the violin?"
Operator: "I don't understand...."
Me: "You said I could do whatever I want before the scan..."
Operator: "Yes, you can..."
Me: "So, can I play the violin?"
Operator: "Um, yes, you can play the violin."
Me: "Great. Because I don't know how to play the violin...."

Ba-dum-dum.... I'll be here all week folks!

I also nailed down an appointment with the doctor who is going to play "asteroids" with my stone, so everybody is all set, all set...

And I had a wonderful breakfast my my previous-gf-new-gf.

And daughter is coming for dinner....

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