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Day 285

Everyone I've loved has been a stranger to me.

I cannot believe I told him I loved him- I was only sixteen
He let me down, I told him to stop it but he made no sound.
When I was nineteen years old, he told me boys didn't want me so I used my body to save me from hurting.
I'm a preacher man's daughter, but church did me nothing but teach me to smoke.
I turned 21, I spent half my years running around like I have no one, hanging with boys who would only use my body for fun.
I cannot believe that those who has raised me when I was fourteen, they didn't want to love me and cursed me for wearing skirts up by my knee.
My life's been wasted, because I believed boys only wanted me naked and nobody was telling me different.
I took a new road, I dragged a new suitcase reluctant to change. I took my first drag but now I'm addicted to numbing the pain.
So I picked up my heart, I taught myself to write when things got too hard. I've been breaking my back and bending my spine to see some love in another one's eyes. Now I live for feeling comfort in my own skin.

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