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Day 73

Everywhere I Look...

...friends and family are getting engaged, getting married, getting pregnant, or getting a house. I can't escape it.

It's gotten so overwhelming that I felt like I was going to break down. A week from today is Honeybun's court date, and we're both worried. There's a chance this won't end well, and if it doesn't, I'll be spending a lot of time trying to pull Honeybun out of the dark void. I've tried explaining that one DUI isn't the end of the world, especially since he's learned his lesson and has cut his drinking back significantly since that night, but he still worries for his future. This shadow has been creeping up on us for two years, and will finally come to a head.

Is it stupid and selfish that I'm concerned Honeybun will never propose if this doesn't go well? I feel ready for that step, and we've agreed that it's what we want, but I feel in my gut he'll prolong it for years if Monday doesn't go well.

I've even saved up enough money for us to go on a week-long cruise, but I've been using all my vacation days for court dates that kept getting moved at last-minute.

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