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Day 19

Face the Challenge and Wink (Part 1)

1&1/2 years ago, Honeybun did something really stupid. It started when someone who had been a father-figure to him was found dead in his apartment. He had killed himself. Two months prior he sold Honeybun a motorcycle - He knew Honeybun wanted to learn to ride and gave him lessons. Honeybun rode over to his house every week to get more lessons.

Then one day, the call. Even though we are both in our mid 20's, it was Honeybun's first experience with death. He'd never had anyone close die before, and for it to have happened in such a violent way... It nearly destroyed him. He didn't know how to cope.

Honeybun hopped on the motorcycle and rode away. He said he was going to ride around the block a few times. He blacked out and woke up in a hospital. An officer had found him in a ditch - motorcycle wrecked. I was standing in my driveway calling his phone at 2AM because he'd been gone for hours. The officer answered.

"Who is this? Where's Honeybun?"

"Miss, I found him in a ditch... I'm sorry."

I collapsed. I thought he was dead.

I was later told he was in the hospital with alcohol poisoning.

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