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Day 20

Face the Challenge and Wink (Part 2)

Honeybun still isn't sure where the alcohol came from. He doesn't remember stopping anywhere, but he later found an empty bottle of vodka that he suspects he somehow bought and downed. They wouldn't let me see him in the hospital as they stitched him together, and when they were done with him he was charged with DUI and thrown in jail for the night. His mom paid his bail, and I went to pick him up the next morning. He was in a paper robe because his clothes had to be cut off of him in the hospital.

He was in tears, and trembled in terror for the next 24 hours. He just kept repeatedly mumbling: "I don't remember... How could I be so stupid? I could have hurt someone." He was terrified of his actions and couldn't sleep for days. We picked up what was left of the motorcycle from impound, and his heart broke again to see the last piece he had of someone he loved mangled and broken.

He hired a lawyer immediately. Now, 1 & 1/2 years later, Honeybun can finally move forward with a pretrial intervention program. He is scared, but I believe in him.

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