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Day 551

Facing my current and future decline....

Just read this:

Apparently, even though I am rushing headlong into 60 this fall, I have slid into professional decline. According this this article, that decline started in my 30's, and increased at a great rate when I turned 50....

I've got a lot to do. But the article does reveal a lot of important truths. First, stop accumulating! I've earned all the money I need for a comfortable retirement, I own a home that will provide me with lots of interesting and creative projects for many years, and I still have a lot to do professionally and personally.

In the teaching profession, while many "retire" around this time, I have a store of knowledge that I've accumulated over the past 35 years. I can still share it for another 30, at least. Of course, I only work at school 3 days/week, so I can sustain this for a long time.

Spiritually, I grow more and more each year with my involvement in my congregation, and from this, I have developed deep friendships.

Personally, I am happy: I cook, I travel, I wander the woods looking at plants, I think about sex a lot and hope to have lots more of it.

I live!

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