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Day 39

Family history

So today I received a copy of my grandmothers birth certificate.

I've never met the woman. She upped and left her kids when they were young, my grandfather died when I was 4, we grew up without any family support.
No aunts uncles grandparents or cousins to visit, confide in stay with etc. Yet an aunt and two uncles and cousins I do have.

Over the past few years I've found out snippets of information which is amazing considering I had nothing to go on and when your dealing with a schizoprenic mother who is convinced she was adopted or swapped at birth it's difficult to figure out what's fact and fiction.

Anyway from my grandfather's death certificate I have managed to work backwards to find details on when they were married and also when and where my grandmother was born. My grandfather is more difficult as he was born abroad. Im certain I've pinpointed exactly when he came to the uk and sort ot confirmed his father's name and where he was born but that is as far as I can get there.

I don't expect a family reunion but would like to know more about where I come from.

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