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Day 316


I wish I could just give my boobs to someone else for a feed or two a day so I could rest. I've been up since 3.30am; we had a very messy nappy that needed changing and then we started feeding. He decided he was finished feeding at 4.15am - as in asleep at the boob. So I burped him and settled him back down. I then went for a bowl of cereal and an actimel yoghurt drink as I was dying of starvation.
When I came back upstairs, guess who is wide awake and searching? I can tell you right now, it definitely was not my husband... Even with all the noise wee man was making. So, it was back to the sofa in the spare room, feeding and burping again. He seems to finally be down, but god knows how long for.
Even getting someone else to give him a bottle doesn't help me because I still have to express my boobs so that I don't end up full up to the chin of milk ready to burst. Can't deal right now. Again, just having a complain, I know I've just got to suck it up.

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