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Day 287

Feels like running away this time.

This is the next one. She's actually my very first ship I ever did, just with a new paint job.

It's going to be only for a month and a half, whilst the quite-not-fiancee (don't know what we are anymore) is in New Zealand. Just me, without him.

I wanted to do this because of what he did we left ships. It meant the end of my career on ships had been tainted by what he has done. I want to finish ships on my own terms. We were meant to finish the end of October but because I found him out we had to cut our contract short.

I miss the ship we were on and the people who were there, but I'm looking forward to going somewhere else. Fresh start almost.

I'm not quite ready to start life on land.

I'm dealing with him being gone okayish. It's so strange bring 12 hours apart. When he's sleeping, I'm going about my day, and vice versa. We catch up with each other in the morning/evening. I'll see how I cope when I'm busy.

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