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Day 185


FIL Father In Law has been in hosp for 3 weeks now, thankfully nothing serious, although at one point they didn't know what was going on, it was feared a tumour at one point, but he's clear and now home today.

Now FIL has 5 daughters, 3 to his 1st wife and 2 to his 2nd wife (my mum in law)

The 3 older daughters live down south in England, as they were born and brought up there, FIL moved up here with wife's mum when they got married.

The 3 older daughters have been at various points up to visit him, 2 were a flying visit and one of the sisters has been up for a few days and she's crashing at ours which is good as I've never met her and wife hardly ever sees her. She's such a lovely person and we've all had a good laugh, she goes home tomorrow and I'll be sad to see her go cos I fancy the pants off her lol she's in her 50's but doesn't look it, she's so down to earth and pretty. Wife kind of knows this haha.

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