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Day 310

Finally allowed to get my freak on

Husband and I are starting to heat things up in the bedroom again. We were told at our 20 week scan that I had a low lying placenta, so we were advised not to have penetrative sex for the remainder of the pregnancy, unless it moved. That means the last time we had sex was 5 months ago.
We still tried to play around, plenty of foreplay and orgasms... for my husband, anyway. My body was really mean during the pregnancy and I was rather numb. After another bad session I ended up breaking down in tears, feeling like my body had completely betrayed me. That was one of the last few times we tried, it was too distressing for both of us.
Today however, was amazing. To have all that sensation back! I can't even describe it. It was just so good. We still haven't tried penetrative sex yet, what with me having an emergency cesearean, I'm not allowed until week 7-8 post operation to allow for healing. Plus everything is feeling pretty tight after 5 months of no action.
Looking forward to the day when we can finally say we've managed to have sex again. Reeeeeeeaaally need it!

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