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Day 297

Fireworks in Cranleigh

After work today, we set off to Cranleigh. I go to the fireworks display there every year, normally with Emma, but since she and I are no longer friends, I invited Luke.

We got there and bought one of the giant candles, joining the queue of people waiting on the blocked-off road for the procession to start.

Once it did, we lit our candle and began walking. Luke joked about how cult-ish it all felt, I loved it. We reached the to-be-lit bonfire pile which was as tall as a house this year, a man made of cloth and of clothes strapped atop, and waited for the signal. All at once, we threw what remained of our candles into the heap and watched it light up. It was a brilliant blaze in minutes!

Then there was the funfair rides and the food. We got cheesy chips and donuts! We wandered to the field I knew the fireworks would take place at and chatted for some time before the countdown began.

The fireworks show is always done to music and we ended up dancing! The last song was Black Beauty which got the whole crowd dancing! I slept like a baby in his arms.

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