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Day 741

First day of half term

Beloved got up earlier than me. Unusual. ‘They’ve got a deal but the DUP are not supporting it,’ he says as he opens the curtain. I don’t want to get up. ‘Hmmmmm…. Please could you be quiet.’ He doesn’t say anything else, but his feet shake the floorboards. When he goes I fall back to sleep immediately.

I discover Peachy and Apple have a dental check up because my computer pings and tells me so. Within 5 minutes their teeth are brushed and we are in the car. They both have a topping put on their back teeth. It’s not called a filling, but I think that’s what it is.

Then to town with Peachy, sorting out her finances at the bank, picking up stuff from the store and nipping to the bicycle shop to get an inner tube for Apple’s bike which has a flat tyre, again. Then we go for our walk. It rains for the second half of it and we return drenched. Even so, I always like my walks with Peachy. I like just being with her.

Beloved makes eggs on toast for supper. We are hungry and it is delicious.

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