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Day 15

First girlfriend

We spent our first proper date in a disused pigsty. Yep seriously. E had gone out with me for a walk, it began to rain, so we took shelter in a pigsty.

I wasn't E's first boyfriend. She told me of one when she was 12, he was 13. He persuaded her to strip off with him and asked her if she had started her periods as he moved towards her with his tool prepared. E blurted out that her mother was coming, got dressed quick - and got out of that relationship.

In comparison, I was rather slow. Most of all we were friends and of our times together we walked and talked. We also kissed, we cuddled and over the course of our first year together we turned each other on by just lying on top of each other - no touching.

That said, just before I went to university we went to to a theme park. I particularly enjoyed riding on a particular rollercoaster where she sat in front of me and with my arms around her I got a bit of a squeeze .... she made sure of that ....

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  • White Dog White Dog
    61 months ago

    I'm glad it was a disused pigsty!! You know how to treat a girl . . . .

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  • Aussiemale Aussiemale
    61 months ago


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