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Day 275

Five years ago

I believe it was two days ago that I came back to London, yet again, this time from Japan with un unexpected detour to my parents'
I came back here to study my masters in education and become officially a qualified teacher. My intention then was to leave again after one year.
I found myself today undressing in my bedroom, after a long day's work and feeling so happy and grateful for being here. I mean in my place. I absolutely adore my apartment, as small as it is, it's all mine and it makes me happy.
Four days from now it will be my 6 month anniversary of leaving by myself and I am loving it. I shall have a little celebration with myself.
Last time I lived alone was seven years ago before I left for Japan on my birthday with a suitcase full of doubts. It wasn't by choice then but had to be done. I was very lonely and unhappy then.
Today, as I felt this surge of happiness invade me and so much gratitude for all I have, I stopped and looked back to the place where I have got to from five years back. I'm truly grateful.

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