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Day 310

Flexibility of the Mind

I wish I could talk to myself in the past - I would tell her not to cry so much. I'd tell her not to lose so much sleep. 'Rest easy, good times are ahead. There's a good place you can reach - here's what you need to do to get there.' I'd tell her she will be incredibly happy in the future, there's just a few people I need to find and a few things I need to take care of. 'I know you're so tired. I know you feel hopless. I know it seems impossibly far away, but you're so close. You're so, so close. Keep hope, angel.' Sure, I might change a few things in my path - not meet a few people I've met, not do a few things I did, do things I hadn't done sooner - but I know where I would want my past self to end up: right here.

I would want to end up right back here. Less tears, less struggle, less nightmares, more smiles, more progress, more love.

Either way, I'm here, I'm happy and I'm grateful that out of any of the paths I could've taken, I took this one.

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