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Day 158

Foggy-Brained Valentine

I've been without my thyroid medication for a week now, and my memory is already shit. Dr. kept forgetting to send in my refill until I called on Wednesday and wouldn't hang up until it was sent. Then the pharmacy calls and says they wont have it until the next day. Fine. Then I call yesterday, and they still didn't have it. They finally got it in today, so I'm sending Honeybun to fetch it.

My brain is so foggy, and I'm left feeling like I'm in one of those dreams where everything moves as though you're underwater. Dizzy. Tired. Just no good. :(

I'm just ready to get home, snuggle up with my guy on the couch, and enjoy the evening.

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  • RavDiablo RavDiablo
    8 weeks ago

    I'm on thyroid meds myself; I've never had to do without it (my OCD doc makes sure, and my pharmacy will spare me a few if I run out...) but now I know why I shouldn't skip it..... take care, Otter....

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