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Day 16


Yesterday I ate:

4 pieces of bread
2 large mcdonalds fries
a bowl of soup
a large bowl of pasta

ugh! So much bad stuff! Today will be better, I promise myself. I still haven't seen any weight gain on the scales, and I don't know if thats a good or bad thing. I say to myself "good, I can recover from this period of overeating" but then continue to do it anyway, maybe because I subconsciously think, great I haven't put on any weight! Terrible form. I need to start exercising again, it's so much easier to eat well when you are exercising.

It's been 21 days since I have had a cigarette! Which is great. I still chew nicorette gum, but I haven't had any drunken smokes or even cravings. I think I have kicked the habit for good this time! Hopefully this is positively impact my skin!

My mood is up, up up. There hasn't been any significant change to my skin, yet. I have to believe I can lose this weight, be happy and pass my prac.

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  • Dementia day Dementia day
    92 months ago

    Well done you with the ciggies. Give yourself a pat on the back.
    Now how about this food business?
    No plan? No meal plans? No throwing out rubbish from the kitchen? No reward pot for when you've resisted temptation? No star chart to motivate you or reward? Something to work on. You'll get there in the end.
    And how's the exercise doing?

  • Dementia day Dementia day
    92 months ago

    Just remembered I used the Fitwatch website when I needed to loose weight. It helped me. Counting thcalories was a pain in the neck but was good for me. There also loads of other helpful,things to do with food, weight and exercise.

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