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Day 199

Four dates in.....

And I'm off the dating site again. This guy seems special, genuine, funny, totally appreciates me and gets my sarcasm.

The weekend with him was great. The hotel paid off and then we walked in the park and had a lovely lunch before going back to real life the following day.

Optimistic that things might be different with this one. I'll call him D.

The husband was notified of the decree absolute and said he felt sad. I said it was important for both of us as this means we can move on and I acknowledged that he'd been seeing someone for months and that I was happy for him. Cue him going straight to FB to advertise his new relationship.

He's started to pack more and said he'll actually take things out of the house now. Finally I get my space to do what I like. Hoping the finances won't take too long to sort now. All I need is a signature to sign the house over to me and he can have his money and go.

Concerned that new girl might use him for his money, not really my problem.

When you're gone, you're gone.

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  • Lydia Lydia
    55 months ago

    Yep gone girl, start afresh x

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